A Couple Things To Look For In May’s DRUM! Magazine

When you see the new DRUM! Magazine on the shelf at the store or when it shows up to your front door, be sure to check out the NEW BLOOD section. Kenny Howard, a SilverFox Endorser for the last 2 years is the first feature in this section. His YouTube channel and website are filled with videos showing his contagious style, great skills, and remarkable feel. You can immediately see that this guy has huge chops but doesn’t play all of his cards right away, you need to enjoy a full on 7-10 minute drum “solo” video to fully comprehend what he is “sayin”! Kenny endorses the SilverFox 585 and JX models!

grovercustom_logoPart II of what to check out is further

back in the mag…the “MEET YOUR MAKER” section, where DRUM! Mag interviewed our fearless leader and world-class percussionist Neil Grover about our new line of Grover Custom Snare Drums!

Grover Custom Snare Drums have been around as long as we’ve been making drums (roughly 30 years) but now it’s no longer a secret! We have taken our years of experience in drum building and combined that with current technologies and offerings to make drums which sound incredible and now offer the visual varieties which modern drummers are looking for. Since we are working directly with drummers on these drums, there is not a retail mark up, making our drums very affordable and fully customizable!

Be sure to check out GroverCustom.com for options, details, and pricing!


  1. Wow. Those snares are freaking gorgeous!

    I checked them out (through the link) and the solid shell rosewood made me fall in love a little bit…


    Seriously lovely drums! Gonna grab a copy of Drum! to check them out (plus, you know, all the other goodies inside).