Endorsing Artists

Endorser Testimonials


Nick Baglio (Jeanne Jolly, The Hot @ Nights)
Lucas Batten (8 Feet Tall)
Michael Benedict (Michael Benedict and Bopitude)
Brian Braziel (Graham Central Station)
Steve Chaggaris (Independent)
Steve Dixon (GuruFish)
Fred Domulot (The Guffman Trio, Independent)
Wayne Fletcher (Bushman, Andrew Tosh)
Mike Fuchs (Fear Nuttin’ Band)
Cedric Goodman (Zac Harmon)
Fermin Goytisolo (KC & the Sunshine Band)
Justin Heter (Sci Fi, Electric Soul Pandemic)
James Irvin (Microwave Dave & the Nukes)
Jose “Pepe” Jimenez (Jose “Pepe” Jimenez)
Mike Leasure (Walter Trout Band)
Kazi McCoy (Independent)
Stevie Mac (QushEnt)
Nelson Sobral (Urban Jazz Band)
Peter Schwartz (SoulShine)
Terick C. Verges (Al Green)
Darryl Wells (Al Green)
Frank Williams (Michael Williams
Demse Zullo (The Alchemystics)


Terrell Clifton (WC Edgar)
Chris Dodds (Two Tons of Steel)
Mikey Ferrara (Jon Wolfe)
“Speedy” Hensley (Lanndon, Jesse Cain and the Tennessee Thunder Band)
Shane Hoskins (Independent)
OJ Jackson (The Springs)
Allen Jones (Jared Blake)
Jerry Pentecost (Jonny Fritz)
Carl Peterson (Nashville Independent)
Joshua Phillips (Highway 31, Independent)


Pete Abdou (Independent)
Taylor Allum (Independent)
Nick Amoroso (Independent)
Adam Argullin (Educator)
Tony Artimisi (Educator)
Derek Babanin (Independent/Educator)
Javier Barrios (Independent)
Myron Bell (Independent)
Amy Blaze (Independent)
Jackie Browne (Independent)
Butch Buckner (Independent, Brock)
Paul Campanella Jr. (Independent)
Jeff Canady (Independent)
Myron Carlos (Educator,Independent)
Chris Carroll (Independent, The Rejectioneers)
Zelko Cenin (Independent, Disco Inferno)
Danny Clark (Independent)
Matt Covey (Young Pandas, The Flaming Tsunamis, The Suicide Dolls, The Hempsteadys)
David Cowan (Independent)
Phil Dalmolin (Independent)
Frank Dapper (Independent)
Clyde Davis (Independent, The Ex-Senators)
DeCarlos Davis (Independent)
Vincent Dee (Independent)
Mark Dubanowski (Independent)
Demetrice Everett (Independent)
Robert Falzano (Independent)
Steve Faulkner (Independent)
Nick Fiore (Independent)
Luis Garay (Educator)
Beji George (Independent)
Sai Ghose (Independent)
Adam Gilbert (Independent)
Kris Gustofson (Independent)
Coran Henley (Independent)
Libor Hadrava (Independent / Educator)
Kimball Hooker (Independent)
Jacob Hope (Independent)
Kenny Howard (Independent)
Brian Hudson (Independent)
Marcus Hunter (Independent)
Bryce Job (Independent)
Steve Joseph (Independent)
Zhach Kelsch (Independent)
Frank Kumor (Educator)
Robin Lai (Independent)
Cary Lascala (Independent)
Jim Leadbetter (Independent)
Brent Lee (Independent)
Aaron Lord (Independent)
Nicole Marcus (Independent)
Tony Mason (Independent)
Jeff McCormack (Independent)
Bob McCormick (Educator)
Charles McGimsey (Independent, Road 88)
Kenwood McKenzie (Independent)
RJ Minichello (Independent)
Jeffrey Moscone (Independent)
Muzz (Independent)
AJ Nystrom (Independent)
Jonathan Oliver (Independent)
Gregorio Perreira (Independent)
Anthony Romeo (Educator)
April Samuels (Independent)
Matt Sebby (Independent, BandCalledCatch)
Charles Shelton Jr. (Independent)
Dan Shinder (Dan’s Drum Clinics, Independent)
Charlie Silva (Independent/Educator)
RJ Singleton (Independent)
Steve Sopchak (The Square Studio)
Stephen Taylor (Independent)
Troy Townsley (Independent)
Michael Traylor (Independent)
Erik Truelove (Independent)
Pavel Valdman (Independent)
Jacob Vera (Educator)
Eric Wagner (Eric Wagner’s Drum Studio, Independent)
Skip Walker (Independent, Educator)
Donnie Webb (Independent)
Chase Whitney (Independent, YouTube)


Mike Abiuso (SwitchBitch Records/Studios)
Mike Arturi (The Lovin’ Spoonful)
Rick Benoit (Richard Davia)
TD Benton (White Collar Sideshow)
Yanick Blanchette (Kain)
Chris Brim (Partly Cloudy)
Aaron Caple (Too Late The Hero)
DeHaven Carrington (Olio)
Chris Constantino (The Venetia Fair)
Scott Davis (Project 86)
Johnny DeGood (Dark From Day One)
Michael Dotson (Vialyne)
Nathan Drake (Courrier)
Jeff Essex (JunkFood)
Chuck Fanslau (Bret Michaels Band)
Lisa Foerderer (Blue Movie)
Francis Fugere (The New Cities)
Luc Gagne (Mordicus)
Derek Gallagher (Da Rezarekt)
Mark Geary (Dangerous Toys)
Gavin Glenn (Black Market III, Rat City Riot)
Bryan Gonzales (Robots Helping Clones)
Mark Graalman (Sanctus Real)
Dean Harrod (Shaken)
Brett Hartwell (The Frantic)
Tony Hawes (Iconic Tonic)
Clayton Hill (Trooper)
Brandon Holder (Leon Russell)
Chris Hood (Rehab)
Jeremi Hough (Philmont)
Jesse Hoy (The Deadly Syndrome)
Peerawich Hruvijitpong (On The Rocks)
Nick Iddon (Kanerko)
Chris Insidioso (Treaty of Paris)
Logan Kennedy (Fair To Midland)
Mark Kulvinskas (Dear & The Headlights)
Eric Lagrimas (Pimpbot)
Dave Latimer (Royal Jelly Burlesque)
Scott Lorenzini (Coby Brown)
David Lynam (Lynam)
Joe Mazza (Kenny Mehler)
Chad Melton (Larkin Poe, Independent)
Christian Moder (The Great Crusades)
Mickey Molinari (August Premier)
Timothy Moore (The Graduate)
Scott Moorhouse (Fall of Knowledge)
Jake Nicolle (City Sirens)
Tyler Owen (Flannel Mouth)
Dustin Phillips (All The Right Moves)
Chris “Poppy” Popadak (The Story Changes)
Chris Powell (Man Man)
Manuel Ramos (Taboo)
Mark Roberge (Prospect Hill)
Brett Romnes (I Am The Avalanche)
Craig Sala (Planeside,Paranoid Social Club)
Sandro Sanchioni (The Creepshow)
Pat Sayers (Ariane Moffatt)
Rob Schmidt (Battlefields)
Herr Schwein (White Collar Sideshow)
Marc Scott (Finding Clyde)
Andrea Silver (Young Galaxy)
Barry Silver (Switchblade Suicide)
Jay Simpson (The Hottness)
Tim Smith (The Killdares)
Brad Snipes (Blanco Diablo)
Dan Todd (Platinum Blonde)
Bobby Torello (ThunderHead)
Pat Turley (Bread Of Stone)
Richard Vandenberg (Riding Shotgun)
Janet Weiss (Thee Quasi)
Dylan Wood (New Medicine)
John Wooten (Vota)


Martin Alcedo (No Bragging Rights)
Rigo Amezcua (Agent Steel)
Pat Anderson (Switchpin, Glass Delirium)
Ken Bedene (Aborted)
Alessandro Bissa (Vision Divine)
Mike Cambra (Death By Stereo)
Will Carroll (Death Angel)
Mark Castillo (Emmure)
Sean “Drayven” Davidson (Wayne Static, Davey Suicide)
Mike DePetrillo(Firstryke, Beyond What’s Given)
Stefan Dittrich (Mystic Prophecy)
Alex Dontre (Psychostick)
DR.CHUD (Doyle, The Misfits, DR.CHUD’S X-WARD)
Jeff Facci (Full Blown Chaos)
Bill Fore (Angel Vivaldi, Mutiny Within, Vext)
BJ Graves (A Storm Of Light)
Sam Hang (The Summoned)
Frankie Harchut (Dirge Within, Delta
Scott Haynes (Mindset Defect)
Lee Humerian (Phinehas)
Chris Julian (Greeley Estates)
Paul Klein (Suburban Scum)
Norm Leggio (Cage, Psychotic Waltz)
Paulo Martins (Ramp)
Brad Moxey (Evergreen Terrace)
Joe Murphy (Freya)
Isaiah Perez (Righteous Vendetta, Independent)
Bob Presson (Boys No Good, Kids Like Us)
Tyler Reiner (Caym)
Shannon Storosynzyn (Primer 55)
Conor Sullivan (Ice Nine Kills)
Mitch Tierney (Screaming Mechanical Brain)
Jordan Villella (Peregrine, Wrath Cobra)
Jay Waterman (Thy Will Be Done)
Anthony Wong (Fall Of The Albatross)
Brendan Yates (Trapped Under Ice)
Chris York (Stereoside)