How do I become a SilverFox Artist?

Thank you for your interest in SilverFox drumsticks and in becoming a SilverFox endorser.

At SilverFox, we believe that we make the strongest, longest lasting wood sticks on the market. If you have played our sticks and know that to be true, we are looking for endorsers to spread the word.

Please understand that we receive a multitude of endorser requests. We would appreciate you using your discretion and only submitting your inquiries after reviewing our minimum requirements for consideration.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Active touring with a well known currently successful band
  • High quality recorded performance of original music released on a major record label with current chart ranking
  • A strong understanding of product branding. Must be willing to put a SilverFox logo sticker on bass drum, wear brand logo shirts, hats, etc. Promote the SilverFox brand at local music stores and while on tour.
  • High level of musical ability and influence
  • A true belief in the SilverFox brand and the quality of our products

If, after thorough self-evaluation and consideration of the above criteria, you consider yourself a drummer that should be endorsing SilverFox, please fill out our online application form.


If you do not meet these evaluation criteria but love to play SilverFox sticks and want to spread the word, don’t be discouraged. Please contact Jeff Harrington at Indie Music to be considered for our SilverFox Affiliates program.

Hit Harder. Last Longer.



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