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The Foxhole

Dan Todd has been a drummer since day one. His father James Todd played drums in their church band and that is what got Dan first interested. Watching his father play from such a young age made Dan realize that being a professional drummer (or musician, or whatever you want to call it) was his calling. The styles he first started playing were hard rock and funk – influenced by Porcaro, Peart, Morgenstein, Bonham, and many others from that generation of awesome drummers!

After realizing there was nothing for Dan musically in Kitchener, Ontario he relocated to Toronto, Ontario in 1992, and was taken under the wing of Randy Cooke (Lee Aaron, Rik Emmett, Kim Mitchell, Ringo Starr, Smashmouth), to whom Dan is still very thankful. They remain good friends and brothers in drumming. As time went on in Toronto, Dan took influence from a newer generation of drummers including Morgan Rose, Chad Szeliga, Rich Redmond, Gavin Harrison, Ray Luzier, Hillary Jones, and more. Dan says that his list of influences will continue to grow as he continues playing, learning, and touring alongside them.

Dan is currently on tour with “Platinum Blonde”, a famous Canadian rock band. PB was inducted into the Canadian Music and Broadcast Hall of Fame and recently played the halftime show for the sold out Canadian Football League’s “100th Anniversary GREY CUP” – watched by millions of people in Canada. They also just released their latest studio album “Now & Never”

Over the years, Dan has had the humbling privilege to work with:
FLUDD, Honeymoon Suite, Alannah Myles, Mike Reno (Loverboy), Alen Frew (Glass Tiger), Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Kenny Maclean (Platinum Blonde), Gord Deppe (The Spoons), Rob Laidlaw, Bobby Cameron, Greg Godovitz (GODDO), Gino Scarpelli (GODDO), Jeff Jones (Red Ryder), Jim Gilmour (SAGA), Jimmy Crighton (SAGA), Ian Crighton (SAGA), Russ Dwarf (The Killer Dwarfs, Hardroad), Nick Walsh (Famous Underground, Slik Toxik), and Dale Russell (The Guess Who).

Dan ROCKS the SilverFox Boston Basher!!!

Please help us welcome our FIRST ENDORSER in the Slovenia/Balkan region of Europe, Mr. Jure Grudnik of the metal band INMATE! Jure is a founding member of this band and has helped them make huge progress in a very short time. Their first performances over a year or two turned enough heads to land them on gigs supporting major acts such as Dark Tranquility and Insomnium (on the “Where Death is Most Alive” Tour), Brujeria, Caliban, and Neaera (featuring fellow SilverFox artist Sebastian Heldt), not to mention the METALCAMP, METALFEST, EasterBang, and Rock The Lake festivals.

In May, INMATE released their debut album titled “Free At Last” and recently finished their debut video for the song “Victorious”. Please check these guys out, they work hard and deserve the recognition!

Find INMATE on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and MySpace(?), or their main website

Jure makes sure he has a good supply of the SilverFox 5A’s on hand with which to make proper metal!

Check out the video for “Victorious” from INMATE:

Derrick Sorrell

James Derrick Sorrell Jr. is no stranger to the drumset. Starting out on pots and pans, getting his first pro Slingerland kit at 3, playing in church, jazz ensembles, concert band, marching band, and not to mention being the first percussionist in his high school’s history to win “Drummer of the Year” 2 years in a row at the Michigan Jazz Festival in Detroit!…it’s no wonder Derrick has landed such high-profile gigs!

This avid drummer has spent years touring with Gospel artists like The Clark Sisters and Charlie Wilson and the Gap Band (with whom he still performs), he has also toured with Blues great Eddie Floyd and several other notable artists. Currently he is juggling several gigs including the one and only Ne-Yo, Charlie Wilson, and his band S-Type from Detroit.

Derrick trusts the SilverFox CM to get him through each of his many gigs!

Watch these videos to see why he needs to trust his sticks!

Pavel Valdman may very easily become the next “name brand” drummer you read and hear about! He was born in the Czech Republic in 1986 and started playing at age 12. Only a couple years after he first picked up sticks, he was accepted in to the Prague Conservatory and studied with some of the best teachers there. Pavel stayed in the Czech Republic for a few more years, touring, performing, and recording with some of the most prominent acts in and around Europe including guitarist Marcus Deml, Ewa Farna (TV performances, Music Awards, 25K+ album sales), Janek Ledecky and the band Airfare.

In 2008 Pavel was accepted into Berklee College of Music and moved to Boston to begin his studies right away. He started learning from Dave DiCenso and several other top drummers. Dave DiCenso said this about Pavel, “His talent stood out among his classmates. During this time Pavel has consistently demonstrated that he is a wonderfully creative, thorough, and determined student, and musician. I have never had a student come to a lab or lessons more prepared than Pavel”.

Since then, Pavel has travelled the world as a drummer, clinician, and all-around musician. He had the honor of playing large music festivals around Europe and the world, being the drummer for the main support act for some Dream Theater shows around the world, and performing educational clinics for drummers in Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United States, and more! SilverFox is very excited to work with Pavel as he makes his journey to the top!

Pavel plays the SilverFox CM model exclusively.

Click here for Pavel’s YouTube channel – you will learn something new!

Name: Martin Alcedo
Band: No Bragging Rights
Stick: SilverFox JRX

Martin Alcedo is the skin-smasher for the fast-growing California hardcore outfit, No Bragging Rights. Having been playing for over 15 years, Martin knows how hard it is and what it takes to be a pro drummer. He got going with private lessons when he just a boy, spent four years in high school marching band, and started playing with original bands at the same time. From working with these original rock/metal bands, he was able to combine the knowledge he picked up from marching and lessons to fine-tune his skill set and create himself a comfortable, secure job with No Bragging Rights (NBR).

NBR spent most of 2010 on the road, sharing the stage with Jamie’s Elsewhere and Lower Definition (also SilverFox drummers!) on the “Luke, I Am Your Fa-Tour” , the 10-week Lochness Mons-tour, and they were also included on two compilations, Atticus V and the Vans Warped Tour 2010 Compilation.

2011 has started off right with NBR kicking off their first tour of the new year, the “Brodeo Tour” with Scarlett O’Hara, Letlive, and Lions!
Tigers! Bears! Check their website for dates and times. Also, No Bragging Rights’ new album “Illuminator” was released on 1/11/11 and is available nationwide in any Hot Topic location!

If you like heavy-hitting, face-melting hardcore, be sure to check these guys out!

Check out Martin Alcedo and No Bragging Rights here:

Name: Jerry Pentecost
Band: Crystal Shawanda, De Novo Dahl
Stick: SilverFox 5B, SilverFox ClawStix, and SilverFox Buds

Jerry Pentecost is a drummer who wears many hats…and plays with many bands. He currently resides in Nashville and is touring with Alt-Country phenomenon Crystal Shawanda (RCA Nashville). He is also the full-time drummer for a handful of the bands that make up the Family Tree Collective in Nashville, 9 bands to be exact. Between all of these projects and touring, he still finds time to do session work and continue to work with his main band from The Family Tree Collective, De Novo Dahl. If Jerry’s name sounds familiar it may be his history with bands like Sound & Shape, Space Capone, and many others.

With all of this music being made, Jerry has got to be one of the busiest indie drummers in Nashville!

Jerry has been endorsing our sticks for about two years and says he’s a proud SilverFox endorser because “SilverFox sticks provide the power and durability I need! They’re simply the best!”

You can see Jerry performing with Crystal as they tour across Canada now with another Pop/Country sensation Terri Clark. They’ll be back in the States soon for a holiday tour and Nashville dates.

We’re glad you’re on board Jerry! Keep up the good work~

Name: Frank Williams
Band: Michael Thomas Quintet
Stick: SilverFox 5A, Swiska Wire Brushes, NiteStalks multi-rods

Frank “Spark Plug” Williams IV is a jazz drummer through and through. Since receiving his first drum set at age 5, Frank has not turned back! His father Frank, Sr. who is a DCI Hall of Fame horn instructor and music educator, introduced him to John Lamb the bass player for the legendary Duke Ellington. This chance meeting along with seeing the Wynton Marsalis Quartet at a young age sealed Frank’s love for jazz.

Frank has won several drum soloist competitions including the Count Basie Orchestra/Hampton University Competition and the University of North Florida Jazz Competition.

Frank has toured/played with Scotty Barnhardt (Count Basie Orchestra), Marcus Printup, Douglas Carn, John Lamb, Wynton Marsalis, Nat Adderly, and Marcus Roberts. Currently Frank is playing with the Grammy-nominated Michael Thomas Quintet who perform at virtually every jazz festival around the country! Frank also gives lectures and teaches Music and Jazz History, as well as private and group lessons!

When asked about the sticks, he says, “I am quite sure that I have never been more satisfied with a stick in terms of balance and feel. I’m not even going to talk about the durability of the SilverFox stick because it is unrivaled by any other wood stick.”

Name: Brandt Frenchman
Band: Fall of Envy
Stick: SilverFox JX

Brandt Frenchman, a very welcome addition to the SilverFox family, is currently hitting the skins for the heavy rock band, Fall of Envy. But Brandt is much more than a “rock” drummer, considering he graduated from both the Percussion Institute of Technology (California) as well as the Drummers Collective (New York). During his studies he learned from names like Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd, Terry Bozzio, Kenny Aronoff, Rod Morgenstein, Peter Erskine, and Joe AND Jeff Porcaro!
Currently, Fall of Envy is sitting pretty after a successful 2009 where they found themselves named the “Official Band of XFC” (eXtreme Fighting Championship League) and their song “For You” was chosen as the official song for the XFC broadcasts. Not to mention some promos they were in for several shows on the CW Network.
Brandt has also played and recorded with Sister Hazel as well as several other high-profile acts. He has played all around the world and supported bands like Sevendust, Chevelle, Buckcherry, Daughtry, Nonpoint, Papa Roach, Saliva and many more.

Brandt rocks the SilverFox JX model.

Michael Traylor

Name: Michael Traylor
Band: Tommy Tutone
Stick: SilverFox TL

Do you remember that song “867-5309″? I’m sure you do. It was written by Tommy Tutone in the ’80s. Tommy’s drummer from ’89-’93 and ’06-present is SilverFox endorser Michael Traylor. We just found out Michael is going to be featured in the next issue of Classic Drummer magazine! Michael is a great drummer as well as producer, technician/engineer, and studio owner. He is also the audio/visual coordinator for the Florida House of Representatives! He has toured the world countless times and recorded/performed with many greats such as Tommy Tutone, Warren Haynes, Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, Fabian, and Denny King.

Check out Michael’s past, present, and future on his website, We’re glad your part of our family, Michael!

Conor Sullivan

Name: Conor Sullivan
Band: Ice Nine Kills
Stick: SilverFox JR

Conor Sullivan is currently holding down the drum throne for the Boston-based metal/screamo act Ice Nine Kills. They have been touring relentlessly since 2007 and are working through a full US tour now with Taproot, leading up to the next Vans Warped Tour this summer (the second Warped Tour in two years that they’ve been invited to play)! The Warped Tour performances will also be in support of the release of their new full-length album “Safe is Just a Shadow”.

Conor’s main influence comes from his father, who plays many instruments and was thrilled when Conor chose drums as his instrument of choice (weren’t all of our parents thrilled though???). His background covers several genres but he really prefers playing the assorted types of heavy metal/hardcore/screamo/etc., especially the big heavy breakdowns!

Welcome to the family, Conor! We’re glad you’re here!

Web Links:
Ice Nine Kills
Ice Nine Kills on MySpace
Ice Nine Kills on Pure Volume
Conor’s MySpace

Joel Piper

Name: Joel Piper
Band: Confide, Avery Pkwy
Stick: SilverFox JX

Joel Piper is quite the busy man. Besides touring most of the year with his band Confide, he also writes the music for and records his solo project, Avery Pkwy. And then when he’s not playing or producing with these two bands, he gets his hands dirty recording, producing, and mastering other popular bands (As I Lay Dying, Destroy the Runner, and Lower Definition) in his home studio.

Confide (Tragic Hero Records) is currently on tour around the US, joining up soon with the Royal Family Clothing Tour for 27 dates, then they release their new record to the masses, then they will play the entire Warped Tour on the Skull Candy Stage for three months! Check these guys out when they come to your town!

Joel is quite the all-around musician, not “just a drummer”. He is a hard-worker, dedicated to his craft, and a perfect fit into the SilverFox family.

Welcome Joel!

Web Links:

Avery Pkwy
Joel’s MySpace