Summer Tours!!!

Well, here we are back in summer tour mode! What are you going to see? Warped Tour?? Dead Heat of Summer? MAYHEM FEST!?!?!

We have SilverFox artists all over these tours, be sure to check them out and give ’em some love!

Emmure, We Came As Romans, Ice Nine Kills, No Bragging Rights, TheCityShakeUp, Adam Ant, Candlelight Red, Nazareth (Love Hurts!), Sanctus Real, and soo much more!!!

Go on and have some fun this summer! And remember to be safe and drink plenty of fluids!

Opportunity To Help our Friends and Family in Colorado!

Hey world!

As some of you may know, a big piece of Colorado is currently on fire and has not been able to be contained thus far. Our longtime friend and SilverFox endorser Pat Anderson and his awesome metal band SWITCHPIN are using their band trailer, social media, and their big giant hearts to help out those in need!

This screenshot is of their Facebook post yesterday offering to deliver goods and services to families in need of supplies such as food, clean water, clothes, etc. Click on the picture to go to their Facebook page and make a donation! Last year when the same tragedy was occuring, they picked up and delivered over 2,000 POUNDS of food

There are several ways to contact them to help out: Email Switchpin, Website, Facebook, Twitter, even Myspace!

Do your part!  Help those less fortunate!

Do your part! Help those less fortunate!

Is There A Doctor In The House???

Yes there is. And he is a good one. His name is DR.CHUD. The good doctor has been seen around the world holding down the throne, writing, and recording with The MISFITS, DOYLE (Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former guitarist for THE MISFITS), Joey Ramone, Dr.Chud’s X-Ward, and much more!!! You can find his recording and production history here.

Besides being a doctor and writing and performing on some of the most influential punk tunes ever, Dr.Chud also studied under some world-renowned drummers like Sonny Igoe and Dennis Delucia (Bayonne Bridgemen, DCI Corps).

Dr.Chud recently finished recording Doyle’s latest album “Abominator” (Click to buy) and there is a second album in the works for later this year!

Check out this video teasing the title track of the new record! Dr.Chud is selling the sticks he used on this recording and is nearly sold out! For the record, he was making (and selling) his own sticks but now is now entrusting SilverFox to arm him with hickory!

Be sure to follow DR.CHUD on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , and his main website.

Endorser Bart van der Zee is hosting a NEW SF STICK GIVEAWAY!!!

Greetings all!

Our friend and recent addition to our artist roster is Bart van der Zee from Cincinatti, Ohio! Bart teaches at the Cincinatti Drum Center, plays with several bands, engineers recording projects and makes videos showing off different types of drumming gear!

In this video, Bart is introducing a new contest he is running, looking for the most creative and entertaining drum solos! The winner receives some FREE SILVERFOX STICKS out of his collection!

Check out the video here:

Here are the details:

“Greetings from the Voodoo Factory. We are giving away a pair of your choice of 5B or 7A Silverfox drumsticks in this week’s episode.

The contest runs from May 30th, 2013 to sunday June 13th.

The Terrifying Dr. Drumagog has stolen the amazing
Silverfox sticks from our alien friends, and now he is giving them to YOU! You will also receive surprise gifts from the twisted mind of the Terrifying Dr. Drumagog.

Heres the guidelines:

1. Make a 30 second video of you ripping a drum solo
2. Submit a video response or post a link to your video in the comments
3. Make it creative!

We will pick the winners video over two weeks and include your video in there and we will do a little interview with you down the road about how much you love your new sticks.

Check back for more giveaways and videos of all different sorts

check out Silverfox website at:

and like us on facebook at: (it will help your chances)


Ridiculous Stick Tricks Winners Announced!

Click below to see the winner and runners-up!

Thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who voted, and everyone who helped publicize this contest. Stay tuned for another SilverFox event this summer!


Libor Hadrava Clinic Just Outside Boston!!


Libor's ClinicTUESDAY, MAY 21, SilverFox Artist, Educator, and Metronome Master Libor Hadrava will be performing a clinic, called “Rhythm Within Time” at the Next Door Theater in Winchester, Mass. This event is also sponsored by Dream Cymbals, who is offering an unprecedented $2/inch trade value on BROKEN AND UNWANTED (B20 only) CYMBALS!!! Trade value given towards the purchase of new Dream Cymbals

Also performing are world-renowned drumming renegades Scott Pellegrom and Matias Mingote German (Spain).

This is sure to be quite the amazing night of percussive greatness, and out-of-the-box rhythmic mastery!

Libor plays with the SilverFox JRX model

Here’s a little taste of what to expect~

Ridiculous Stick Tricks Voting Now Open!

Thanks to all those who thoroughly entertained us with their ridiculous videos! It was difficult to choose only five finalists, but we made the sacrifice and repeatedly watched dozens of drumming videos during work hours… Here are the Final 5, in no particular order. Vote for your favorite via the link below!



Grover Custom Featured in DRUM! Magazine

We are featured in the “Meet Your Maker” segment in the May 2013 issue of DRUM! Magazine:

Click here to view our Custom Drums.

A Couple Things To Look For In May’s DRUM! Magazine

When you see the new DRUM! Magazine on the shelf at the store or when it shows up to your front door, be sure to check out the NEW BLOOD section. Kenny Howard, a SilverFox Endorser for the last 2 years is the first feature in this section. His YouTube channel and website are filled with videos showing his contagious style, great skills, and remarkable feel. You can immediately see that this guy has huge chops but doesn’t play all of his cards right away, you need to enjoy a full on 7-10 minute drum “solo” video to fully comprehend what he is “sayin”! Kenny endorses the SilverFox 585 and JX models!

grovercustom_logoPart II of what to check out is further
back in the mag…the “MEET YOUR MAKER” section, where DRUM! Mag interviewed our fearless leader and world-class percussionist Neil Grover about our new line of Grover Custom Snare Drums!

Grover Custom Snare Drums have been around as long as we’ve been making drums (roughly 30 years) but now it’s no longer a secret! We have taken our years of experience in drum building and combined that with current technologies and offerings to make drums which sound incredible and now offer the visual varieties which modern drummers are looking for. Since we are working directly with drummers on these drums, there is not a retail mark up, making our drums very affordable and fully customizable!

Be sure to check out for options, details, and pricing!

Another Testament To Awesomeness.

So this week I received an email from our endorser “Down Under” Travis “T-Bone” Dragani. Travis plays with a couple bands – Hills and Trains and Angels of Gung-Ho, has toured with Mike Tramp (White Lion) and also Bruce Kulick (Kiss/Grand Funk Railroad), and also keeps busy as a freelance session player.

Travis says, “Hey man, just a quick hello. Still using the initial order of sticks I received. Honestly, I can’t believe they’ve lasted this long man. I hit pretty f’n hard but they seem to take a beating pretty well….so to say the least, I am stoked!”

So in a nutshell, I’m happy to be part of the Silverfox family and yes, your sticks are awesome!


Thanks Travis! We’re glad to have you on board! Check out this video of Travis playing with Aussie rock band Maeder! Also check out his YouTube channel for more great videos!