Keeping Time on the “&” – Part 2

Building on the skills we developed in Part 1, the independence will stay the same for Part 2—keep time with one hand on the “&” of the beat while the other plays a chart—but we will now be switching the roles of the hands every THREE beats within the 4/4 chart!

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Keeping Time on the “&” – Part 1

In this next lesson for Developing Strong Inner Clock, we’re going to keep time with one hand on the “&” of the beat while the other plays a chart. Here’s the catch: the hands are going to switch roles at the top of every measure!

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Libor’s Groove Ideas #1 & 2

When I warm up, practice, or just have fun on my drum kit or work on new exercises for my video lessons, I often come across interesting drum groove ideas that usually end up in one of my songs or they lead to a series of different exercises.

I will be sharing these Drum Grooves with you as they surface :-)


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Developing Independence with Meshuggah’s “Bleed”

Meshuggah’s “Bleed”, from their 2008 album obZEN, is the subject of many drum covers on YouTube. In this exclusive lesson for the SilverFox Woodshed, I’ll show you how you can take Tomas Haake’s groove and develop independence with it.

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Developing Strong Inner Clock – Part 2

In this lesson to further strengthen our inner clock, we will be developing the ability to count an independent time signature while playing a written piece. The chart is the same from Part 1 and can be downloaded below. The chart is written in 4/4, but we will count out loud in anything but!

This will be very challenging at first, because seeing the bar lines as you read will inherently signal the end of a measure and the beginning of the next. With practice, you will begin seeing figures for their note values and how they relate to the MASTER CODE of time, regardless of the given time signature.
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Developing Strong Inner Clock – Part 1

In this first in a series of instructional videos created exclusively for SilverFox Percussion, I introduce and demonstrate the time and independence concepts we will be exploring.
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