Breast Cancer Can Stick It!!!

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stick-itSilverFox Drumsticks and Grover Pro Percussion are very proud to be sponsors and contributors to a new organization put together by endorser April Samuels. April has battled breast cancer (triple-negative breast cancer w/ a double mastectomy, actually) and beat the crap out of it. She started “Breast Cancer Can Stick It” to help raise and keep awareness present and to teach the dangers of breast cancer.

April has put together three separate events in Texas throughout October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and has some great bands playing, giveaways, educational
material, and so much more!!! Please go and visit one of these shows or make a contribution to her organization.

Being that I’ve lost some people close to me and nearly lost a few more, this holds a place near and dear to my heart. Thank you April for kicking so much butt!!!
Read the Official Press Release HERE

April recently sat down with DrumTalk TV’s own Dan Shinder (also a SilverFox endorser) and had a great interview regarding the disease, how she beat it, how she’s recovering, and a lot more!!!