SilverFox’er hitting skins for Scott Stapp!

Our friend and endorser Beji George is set to hit the stage with alt-rocker Scott Stapp on his promo tour for the new album, “Proof Of Life”. The next show is November 3 in Houston, Texas. The new album releases on the 5th!!!

Here’s the trailer for the new album:

And You Thought Drummers Couldn’t Get Promotions…

Jeffrey McCormackA very BIG and AWESOME congratulations go out to longtime SilverFox Artist and friend of the family, Jeffrey McCormack, on his appointments to PRESIDENT of the CHRISTIAN DRUMMER’S ASSOCIATION and also ADMINISTRATOR to the CHRISTIAN DRUMMER’S HALL OF FAME (both effective October 1, 2013)!!! Their new website ( is scheduled to launch on January 1, 2014. Jeff will also be introducing new social media networks and other interactive ways to keep in touch with his audience!

I met Jeff for the first time in person at the 2008 NAMM show in California. Since then I’ve found that Jeff is as hard-working and focused as anyone else in this crazy business and definitely deserves the recognition he is receiving.

Jeff’s main act is Screams Of Angels, who are about to release their debut album around Halloween (Skol Records – Europe and Japan, Skol Records/Shadow Kingdom Records – North and South America). Jeff not only played drums on the album but also sang and performed all the keyboard parts as well! He will actually be singing on their upcoming European tour, while they have backup drummer, Kai Chinn, holding the throne. Jeff has performed on over 70 records throughout his career, and besides the new Screams of Angels, he will show off his versatility playing on a new Kurt Dyrhsen (Contemporary Christian) album this year!

Is There A Doctor In The House???

Yes there is. And he is a good one. His name is DR.CHUD. The good doctor has been seen around the world holding down the throne, writing, and recording with The MISFITS, DOYLE (Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former guitarist for THE MISFITS), Joey Ramone, Dr.Chud’s X-Ward, and much more!!! You can find his recording and production history here.

Besides being a doctor and writing and performing on some of the most influential punk tunes ever, Dr.Chud also studied under some world-renowned drummers like Sonny Igoe and Dennis Delucia (Bayonne Bridgemen, DCI Corps).

Dr.Chud recently finished recording Doyle’s latest album “Abominator” (Click to buy) and there is a second album in the works for later this year!

Check out this video teasing the title track of the new record! Dr.Chud is selling the sticks he used on this recording and is nearly sold out! For the record, he was making (and selling) his own sticks but now is now entrusting SilverFox to arm him with hickory!

Be sure to follow DR.CHUD on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube , and his main website.

Libor Hadrava Clinic Just Outside Boston!!


Libor's ClinicTUESDAY, MAY 21, SilverFox Artist, Educator, and Metronome Master Libor Hadrava will be performing a clinic, called “Rhythm Within Time” at the Next Door Theater in Winchester, Mass. This event is also sponsored by Dream Cymbals, who is offering an unprecedented $2/inch trade value on BROKEN AND UNWANTED (B20 only) CYMBALS!!! Trade value given towards the purchase of new Dream Cymbals

Also performing are world-renowned drumming renegades Scott Pellegrom and Matias Mingote German (Spain).

This is sure to be quite the amazing night of percussive greatness, and out-of-the-box rhythmic mastery!

Libor plays with the SilverFox JRX model

Here’s a little taste of what to expect~

A Couple Things To Look For In May’s DRUM! Magazine

When you see the new DRUM! Magazine on the shelf at the store or when it shows up to your front door, be sure to check out the NEW BLOOD section. Kenny Howard, a SilverFox Endorser for the last 2 years is the first feature in this section. His YouTube channel and website are filled with videos showing his contagious style, great skills, and remarkable feel. You can immediately see that this guy has huge chops but doesn’t play all of his cards right away, you need to enjoy a full on 7-10 minute drum “solo” video to fully comprehend what he is “sayin”! Kenny endorses the SilverFox 585 and JX models!

grovercustom_logoPart II of what to check out is further back in the mag…the “MEET YOUR MAKER” section, where DRUM! Mag interviewed our fearless leader and world-class percussionist Neil Grover about our new line of Grover Custom Snare Drums!

Grover Custom Snare Drums have been around as long as we’ve been making drums (roughly 30 years) but now it’s no longer a secret! We have taken our years of experience in drum building and combined that with current technologies and offerings to make drums which sound incredible and now offer the visual varieties which modern drummers are looking for. Since we are working directly with drummers on these drums, there is not a retail mark up, making our drums very affordable and fully customizable!

Be sure to check out for options, details, and pricing!

SilverFox Artist Performs Solo at MusikMesse!!!

If you are visiting or exhibiting at the world’s largest MI trade show, MusikMesse Frankfurt, make sure you go to watch SilverFox artist Momme Boe perform a solo clinic/concert at 11:00AM on the Agora (main) Stage, Wednesday, 10 April 2013!!!

Momme has endorsed SilverFox for many years and has helped to grow our brand in Germany and around Europe. Besides touring most of the year, Momme also finds time to teach and record. If you’re in or around Europe, please check out his tour dates and get to a show!!!

Here’s a video of Mo performing at MusikMesse 2011! He uses almost every stick model we make since some gigs are jazz, some are rock, some are fusion, but all are awesome!

~For The Jazzers~

SilverFox endorser Fred Domulot, who has toured and performed with too many jazz artists to list here, will be performing clinics and concerts at the Northwest Florida State College Jazz Festival on Thursday, April 5th. This is a great opportunity to see some jazz greats performing and teaching their particular styles. We just found out that legendary bass player and tubaist extraordinaire Joe Murphy will also be joining in the festivities!!!

Fred is a founding member of The Guffman Trio, a jazz band out of Florida and “regulars” at most jazz festivals in the Southeast and around the Gulf Coast. He is also an adjunct professor at Northwest Florida State College, a songwriter, lyricist, producer, and all around good guy. His professional affiliations include Florida Music Educators Association, Florida Collegiate Music Educators Association, Florida Jazz Educators Association, Jazz Education Network, Film Musicians Secondary Markets Fund, and the American Federation of Musicians Union #389.

Here’s Fred (a big supporter of the SilverFox Sweet Pea)with The Guffman Trio performing at the Pensacola Jazz Festival!

Some More New Artists…

Here we are again adding more talent to our roster!

Check out DeCarlos Davis, an independent drummer, and a drumming force to be reckoned with. DeCarlos helps run the “Drummers United” program which offers positive reinforcement to today’s youth through music. DeCarlos also performs “The Next Level” band and is starting to book master classes and clinics around the southeast USA.

Here’s a quick sampling of what DeCarlos can do!!

Up next (and at the opposite end of the musical spectrum from DeCarlos) is Derek Brito, who is currently touring with metal makers Aura and Vanity. Derek was introduced to us through the Inner Light Agency and Damon Moreno.

Derek smashes drums and cymbal with the only stick he trusts, the SilverFox 5B!!

Libor Hadrava’s In-depth Rhythm Studies now available!

SilverFox endorser and Woodshed contributor Libor Hadrava has released his first instructional book, In-depth Rhythm Studies: Advanced Metronome Functions. It is available in both full-color hardcopy and digital download versions.

If you’ve enjoyed Libor’s lessons, be sure to check out his book!

Libor uses the SilverFox JRX model to exercise his independence!

Welcoming Some New Artists!!!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to take a quick minute and introduce some new artists to our lineup!

Check out TC Tolliver, who is on tour now with funk-masters TM Stevens and Shocka Zoo-Loo, Super group Chocolate Fudge and Rainbows, and the “Always Crazy” Plasmatics!

From Down Under, Steven-Jon Davis, drumsmith for the metal makers Left For Wolves!

Welcome Bill Fore who performs with Mutiny Within, Angel Vivaldi, Vext, and Blinded in Bliss!

And last but definitely not least, Frankie Harchut of Dirge Within!!

Show these guys some love huh??!!