New Shai Hulud Album Now Available!!!

Good news everyone, Shai Hulud‘s new album, “Reach Beyond The Sun” is now available for purchase! Head over to to make your purchase!

Longtime SilverFox endorser Matt Covey holds down the throne on this 11-song metal/hardcore/punk masterpiece. Featured on the album is one of Shai Hulud’s first singers, and current guitarist for New Found Glory, Chad Gilbert, who also
produced the album. After hearing some tracks off this new LP, I have decided that is one of the best representations of Shai Hulud’s total sound and feel.

Check out this interview with Chad Gilbert and Matt Fox of Shai Hulud:

You can find more videos and fun stuff regarding this new album on Shai Hulud’s Youtube Channel!!!

James Irvin: One Of The Youngest “Classic Drummers” Out There!

We just saw the nice article written about SilverFox artist James Irvin in the most recent Classic Drummer Magazine for his work with blues great Microwave Dave and the Nukes. Microwave Dave has received rave reviews on his albums going back two decades and from all around the world. Since most of their performances are in the southern United States (Alabama specifically), I would strongly suggest visiting their show listings, find the closest show and have some fun!

James is also a multi-instrumentalist, who has been seen playing guitar, bass, vocals, and more! He even released a solo record a couple years ago where he played all of the parts!

Check out his website for more detailed information!

James likes to swing with the SilverFox 5A and Sweet Pea models (two of my favorites too!)

Photo Credit: 5th Monday Studios

Dylan Taylor From Black Light Burns Touring Europe, Not Breaking Sticks…

Hey fam! We just got this new endorsement video from Dylan Taylor, who is currently touring with Black Light Burns (Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland’s new industrial project). He is also the drummer for Sparks The Rescue, a fun, high-energy rock band and also contributing several different “courses” for online drum lessons with YOUR MUSIC MUSE, (and I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day to get stuff done!).

If this dude is touring heavily and not breaking sticks, YOU CAN TOO!!! Dylan
endorses the Silverfox JX Model. You can purchase our sticks online, from many retail stores around the US and all around the world!

Check out Dylan with Black Light Burns, now touring Europe and Russia. You can pick up their new album and find tour dates on the main website

Follow Dylan on Twitter: @dylantaylordrum

And be sure to check out some of his amazing drum covers! A wonderful mixture of pure talent and exciting stage presence!!

Dylan’s YouTube:

Live From New York…

Be sure to check out SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE on December 8th and you will see SilverFox Artist Derrick Sorrell hitting the skins with Ne-Yo! They’ve been pushing the new album hard and have recently been
seen on Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Letterman, Good Morning America, BET’s 106 and Park, and Ellen!

Derrick likes to rock the SilverFox TL’s and CM’s!

Here are a couple videos from his performance on Jimmy Kimmel!

So much good news to share!!!

What a Monday!!! I got some great updates from two of our top endorsers!

First, the one and only Marcus Hunter who has played with Sean Kingston, Dwele, David Sanborn, Lin Roundtree, Amp Fiddler, and many many more, told me today he just got the call to hit the road with THE FOUR TOPS!!! From early October through May next year, Marcus will be performing around the country with these classic Motown heroes! Congrats Marcus, that’s how it’s done! Marcus plays the Silverfox CM model.

Now on the other side of the musical spectrum, SilverFox Artist Bob Falzano (Shatter Messiah, Annihilator, Sinners and Saints) got the call that he will be touring/playing/recording
with the one and only BLOOD FOR BLOOD!!! If you know hardcore, you know these guys have been doing it a long time and have influenced countless bands and musicians! Bob will also be performing with several of the side projects coming out of BFB and also Tenebrae featuring members of The Unseen! Bob employs the Silverfox 1A and 1A-Nylon models to ensure total badassery.

Annihilator - Live Oberhausen 13

And there is always more but I’ll save some for later in the week. In the meantime enjoy this little bit of awesomeness:
(Marcus Hunter performing with David Sanborn at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Show):

Getting Back To Basics!

Over the last several months, SilverFox Endorser AJ Nystrom has been creating a series of videos (Tips N’ Tricks) that show and teach all of the different aspects of responsible drumming: from tuning, to set up, placing mics on the kit, stick tricks, fills, etc…

His latest video was about reading properly and we feel this is one of the most important elements of being a professional drummer. AJ is great at breaking down and simplifying some of the things some of us find to be difficult in our daily drumming travels.

Here is AJ’s most recent video regarding READING DRUM MUSIC:

Here is the previous episode regarding NOTATION, STAFFS, RESTS, ETC:

Please feel free to visit AJ’s website, WWW.AJNYSTROM.COM, to see what other videos he has to help you out! AJ also does “Online Session Work” and can help with pretty much anything drum related! He’s also a local boy and employs Red Sox jerseys, a strong Boston accent, and the SilverFox SF-1005 Marching Stick!!

Dylan Taylor Sparks The Bizkit!!!

SilverFox Endorser Dylan Taylor of Sparks The Rescue and Youtube fame is about to head out on tour
with the one and only Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame! Wes saw the video below and immediately called Dylan to go on tour with him and his band!!!

Dylan uses the SilverFox JX model exclusively!

Check out Dylan with Sparks The Rescue

Check out Dylan’s Youtube Channel

Dylan’s drum cover of “Cinema” by Skrillex:

Dylan’s rendition of Under Oath’s “Writing on the Walls”:

New Artists! More Award Nominations! July is looking good…

We hope you’re having a nice summer so far! Things are really moving over here! Let’s get started~

We have a couple new artists on board:

Sean “Animal” Davidson from Static-X/Wayne Static
Visit Sean’s Website
Sean is exclusively playing the SilverFox 5B!

Brian Dugan from Candlelight Red
Brian is using theSilverFox 2B-Nylon!

Our long-time endorsing artist Charles Shelton Jr has now been nominated for GRAMMY AWARDS!!! Charles is one of the best
Gospel players out there – touring and giving clinics anywhere and everywhere possible. He has already won countless awards from multiple Gospel Award academies.

Charles plays our SilverFox 545 exclusively!

Charles also has two DVD’s for sale!

Prophetically Annointed and Appointed – and The Next Level – Volume 2

Here’s a clip from “The Next Level – Volume 2”

SilverFox is heading to Atlanta!

SilverFox Drumsticks and Endorsing Artist Dr. Butch Buckner are excited to be working together to put on a clinic/product presentation in Atlanta, Georgia at the end of July (maybe two or three clinics depending on turnout)! We are gathering some of our favorite artists and supporters to help grow our brand out there!

Butch is a teacher at (and alumnus of) The Atlanta Institute of Music as well as a private instructor (Click here to contact Butch for lessons). He plays with several bands and also makes
time for session work too! Butch has been endorsing and promoting SilverFox Drumsticks and Grover Pro products for several years. And he will be playing a brand new “Grover Custom” drum set at these clinics.

Other Georgia-based SilverFox artists involved with this are Jonathan Oliver, Steve Dixon, Brian Hudson, and many more!

Keep checking back with us as dates and venues are confirmed!!!

Butch was nice enough to make a great video endorsement for us. Please check it out! PS. Butch swears by the Silverfox JX!

Welcome Ne-Yo’s Dynamic Drummer Derrick Sorrell, Jr to the Fam!!!

This week we are very proud to announce that Derrick Sorrell Jr. from Detroit, Michigan has joined the SilverFox Artist family! Derrick is a phenomenal drummer who is currently holding down the throne for Ne-Yo, Charlie Wilson and the Gap band, and his own project, S-Type!

Derrick furthers my belief that Detroit not only produces great automobiles but some of the best drummers in the biz (all SilverFox artists of course!):
Marcus Hunter – Independent – VIDEO
Myron Bell – Aretha Franklin – VIDEO
Eric Choi – We Came As Romans – VIDEO
Jeff Canady – Independent – VIDEO

Derrick is using the SilverFox CM model. You can read more about Derrick in the “Foxhole” section of the website too!