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A Couple Things To Look For In May’s DRUM! Magazine

When you see the new DRUM! Magazine on the shelf at the store or when it shows up to your front door, be sure to check out the NEW BLOOD section. Kenny Howard, a SilverFox Endorser for the last 2 years is the first feature in this section. His YouTube channel and website are filled with videos showing his contagious style, great skills, and remarkable feel. You can immediately see that this guy has huge chops but doesn’t play all of his cards right away, you need to enjoy a full on 7-10 minute drum “solo” video to fully comprehend what he is “sayin”! Kenny endorses the SilverFox 585 and JX models!

grovercustom_logoPart II of what to check out is further

back in the mag…the “MEET YOUR MAKER” section, where DRUM! Mag interviewed our fearless leader and world-class percussionist Neil Grover about our new line of Grover Custom Snare Drums!

Grover Custom Snare Drums have been around as long as we’ve been making drums (roughly 30 years) but now it’s no longer a secret! We have taken our years of experience in drum building and combined that with current technologies and offerings to make drums which sound incredible and now offer the visual varieties which modern drummers are looking for. Since we are working directly with drummers on these drums, there is not a retail mark up, making our drums very affordable and fully customizable!

Be sure to check out GroverCustom.com for options, details, and pricing!

New Grover Pro Custom Shop Offering Special Deals!

As you may have read a week or two ago, Grover Pro Percussion has unveiled it’s new Grover Custom Drum Shop with an easy-to-use Drum Builder and some great options to put on your new snare drum!

For the rest of February, we are offering an extra $25 off of each custom drum ordered! By using the code

“25OFF” during checkout, you will receive the extra discount.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on every drum anyways (in the continental US) and adding this extra $25 discount will absolutely give you the best deal around!

Please check out our new website, www.grovercustom.com, and take advantage of the extra deals! Only two weeks left…

Dylan Taylor From Black Light Burns Touring Europe, Not Breaking Sticks…

Hey fam! We just got this new endorsement video from Dylan Taylor, who is currently touring with Black Light Burns (Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland’s new industrial project). He is also the drummer for Sparks The Rescue, a fun, high-energy rock band and also contributing several different “courses” for online drum lessons with YOUR MUSIC MUSE, www.yourmusicmuse.com (and I feel like I don’t have enough time in the day to get stuff done!).

If this dude is touring heavily and not breaking sticks, YOU CAN TOO!!! Dylan

endorses the Silverfox JX Model. You can purchase our sticks online, from many retail stores around the US and all around the world!

Check out Dylan with Black Light Burns, now touring Europe and Russia. You can pick up their new album and find tour dates on the main website http://blacklightburnsofficial.com.

Follow Dylan on Twitter: @dylantaylordrum

And be sure to check out some of his amazing drum covers! A wonderful mixture of pure talent and exciting stage presence!!

Dylan’s YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/DylanTaylorDrums

Grover Pro Percussion’s New CUSTOM SNARE DRUM SHOP!!!

All of us here at the Grover Pro and SilverFox Drumsticks factory outside Boston are very excited and pleased to announce that we have launched our new custom drum website, www.GROVERCUSTOM.com.

Here you will be able to choose from a variety of shell materials, finishes, hoops, lugs, snare mechanisms, SNARE WIRES (which no one really offers, because most companies outsource one of the most important parts of a snare

drum, where we make our own in-house), and much more!!

On our new website you find an easy-to-use Drum Builder as well as our Custom XPress section which highlights drums which are already built and ready to ship!

Check out this video if you are wondering WHY you should buy your new drum from us!


SilverFox Bop Master Nominated for BEST NEW DRUMSTICK!!!

As we near the end of 2012, we are thankful for all the support we have received and look forward to growing even more in 2013! We have new dealers and distributors around the world and a lot of great new artists! We expect a lot more of this in the new year as well!

Now to top off the glory that is 2012, I am very pleased to announce

that our new SilverFox “Bop Master” drumstick has been nominated for BEST NEW DRUMSTICK in DRUM! Magazine’s DRUMMIE Awards!

Please take a couple minutes (literally only a couple minutes, I did this myself too) to cast your vote for our Bop Master! And while you’re voting, please also cast votes for the new Grover Pro Percussion Roll-Ring (Accessories), Tunable Tambourine, and Pro Concert Castanets (both in Percussion Toys).

Variety Packs and Half Bricks Now Available!

Can’t decide which model of SilverFox to play? Our new Variety Packs contain six models suited for “jazz” or “rock”.

SF-VP-J The SilverFox Jazz Variety Pack includes one pair of each of the following models:

  • 7A
  • 515
  • Bop Master
  • TL
  • Sweet Pea
  • 5A
SF-VP-R The SilverFox Rock Variety Pack includes one pair of each of the following models:

  • 5A
  • 5B
  • JX
  • HR
  • Fat Boy
  • Boston Basher

The models in the Variety Packs are also available in Half Bricks of six pairs:
SilverFox Half Brick Logo

BOP MASTER now available!

Our new BOP MASTER model is now available!
SilverFox Bop Master

  • Length: 16-1/4″
  • Diameter: .515″
  • Tip: Oval
  • Wood: Hickory


2012! The Year of The Fox!

Just kidding. It’s actually the year of the dragon, but it will certainly be the year of the SilverFox if we have anything to do with it. Happy New Year from everyone here at SilverFox! 2011 ended on a great note which means 2012 is going to be a great year! We’re keeping very busy here at the factory thanks to YOU. Keep your eye out for some new products, new endorsers, new contests and giveaways, and much more throughout the year.

For now, here’s a quick update on a some busy SilverFox endorsers:

Endorser Demetrice Everett just launched his official website: www.meatdadrummer.com. Go to his website for links to his new single “Perfect Timing”. Don’t forget to checkout Demetrice’s YouTube Channel as well!

Check out this killer video of endorser Raul Castro tearing it up!

Long time endorser David Cowan and his band One Tribe Nation have been making some serious moves over the last few months, including releasing their own Smartphone app! You can find info on the app and much more HERE.

SilverFox Marching Affiliate Update!

Wondering how SilverFox Marching Products hold up in the hands of top level ensembles?

Well, we just received this update from SF School Affiliate Derek Lacy and his Newark High School Percussion Ensemble. Congrats to Derek and the band on all your achievements over the past year, keep up the good work!

“We now hold the record again of 31 consecutive State qualifying years. We received a superior rating (highest) at the state band competition as well. The percussion ensemble group at the high school can now boast of having two straight years of all superior ratings! All three percussion ensemble pieces, not to leave out the solos, received superior ratings.

Snares used MS wood, 1001 Ultratip, and the new Clawstix. Tenors used the CT-1, MS Ultratip, the new Clawstix and El Calor timbale sticks. Basses used the CB-A through 4. Durability was great with the Duracrylx. In fact, we tested out using the MS sticks without tape and are glad to report they last at least as long as any other brand WITH tape. When we added tape I would say they lasted about three times as long…The El Calors on the tenors held up all marching season. As the tenors stated “great skank sound and bark”. We even used these during the concert season with an ensemble piece. The Clawstix held up more than 1 marching season with a competitive group. O-rings and materials held up well. We also used the Clawstix as “brushes” during the concert/ensemble season on the concert toms to good results…The pit or front ensemble used the new Field Series Mallets for a second year and can report that they really work! Durability is awesome. The fiber you guys use can take a lot of abuse. None of our mallets have any loose threading! Even after two years.”

You can find info on ALL of the products used by the Newark High School Percussion Ensemble HERE