Craig Sala: Paranoid Social Club, Planeside, and more!!!

So I’ve been chasing around our very longtime endorser Craig Sala for some updates…and finally caught up with him on tour in Europe! He is actually touring Europe (France specifically) right now with The Connection, be sure to click the yellow link and find their tour dates! It’s good ol’ fashionedrock n’ roll!

Craig has also been busy recording and touring with his band PARANOID SOCIAL CLUB and they just put the finishing touches on a brand spankin’ new album!!! Craig’s “other” other band Planeside recently opened for Scott Weiland and had many other great shows. His drumming skills have also recently graced a new album by the Kurt Baker Band.

If you were ever to describe anyone as a “working” drummer, this is definitely the guy!

Craig uses the SilverFox 5BXT to power all of these bands…and they work!!!