SilverFox Percussion was the brainchild of percussion innovator and legendary drum corps instructor Al LeMert. From 1965 through 1982, Al worked with the Ludwig Drum Company where he pioneered such innovations as pitched bass drums, power toms, Vista-lite drums, Challenger SD, marching timpani, die cast hoops, and Modular hardware (the best and strongest mounting system in Ludwig history). Al was responsible for the success of many early drum corps including the Phantom Regiment, Chicago Vanguard, Racine Kilties, and the Casper Troopers.

In 1982, Al took the expertise he had acquired while at Ludwig, moved to Ft. Myers, Florida, and created SilverFox Percussion. Al’s goal was to design and manufacture the world’s finest drumstick. Period. No compromises. Becoming the largest stick company was not Al’s goal; making the finest quality drumstick was. In order to manufacture sticks of the highest caliber and consistency, Al purchased custom made equipment and built many one-of-a-kind machines by himself. Through his years of experience at Ludwig, he knew that new processes and materials had to be utilized. As a result of Al’s refusal to accept compromises, Al succeeded in making sticks and mallets of unparalleled quality. Even though under Al’s direction SilverFox never became a widely known brand, those who played his sticks knew that they were using the finest sticks manufactured anywhere!

Neil GroverNeil Grover, founder and President of Grover Pro Percussion, had long been an admirer of SilverFox products. As a world-class orchestral percussionist himself, Neil appreciated the tremendous quality offered by SilverFox sticks. In 1999, Neil purchased the entire company and moved manufacturing and sales operations from the Florida Everglades to Grover Pro’s modern facility just outside Boston. Since acquiring the SilverFox line, Grover Pro has added new machinery including a rotational 5-stage sanding center and computers that digitally weigh and pitch match each pair of SilverFox sticks.

Since 1982, SilverFox sticks have outperformed competitors in balance, finish, and durability. Recently, SilverFox has expanded its product offerings to include many new models designed specifically for the demanding requirements of today’s music. Every day, under the watchful eyes of Grover Pro’s world renowned craftsmen, SilverFox sticks are painstakingly created . . . one pair at a time. In spite of manufacturing for over 23 years, SilverFox is still one of the best kept secrets in the music industry. Now you know the secret of the fox!