Is There A Doctor In The House???

Yes there is. And he is a good one. His name is DR.CHUD. The good doctor has been seen around the world holding down the throne, writing, and recording with The MISFITS, DOYLE (Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, former guitarist for THE MISFITS), Joey Ramone, Dr.Chud’s X-Ward, and much more!!! You can find his recording and production history here.

Besides being a doctor and writing and performing on some of the most influential punk tunes ever, Dr.Chud also studied under some world-renowned drummers like Sonny Igoe and Dennis Delucia (Bayonne Bridgemen, DCI Corps).

Dr.Chud recently finished recording Doyle’s latest album “Abominator” (Click to buy) and there is a second album in the works for later this year!

Check out this video teasing the title track of the new record! Dr.Chud is selling the sticks he used on this recording and is nearly sold out! For the record, he was making (and selling) his own sticks but now is now entrusting SilverFox to arm him with hickory!

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