Keeping Time on the “&” – Part 2

Building on the skills we developed in Part 1, the independence will stay the same for Part 2—keep time with one hand on the “&” of the beat while the other plays a chart—but we will now be switching the roles of the hands every THREE beats within the 4/4 chart!

  1. Master the exercise as presented in Part 1
  2. Switch the time-keeping limb every three beats! It may help initially to draw in some barlines as was done in the example chart below. Don’t be overwhelmed by playing the entire
    chart all at once. Break the chart into smaller phrases as needed.
  3. Too easy? Add a foot ostinato underneath! In the video, I play a 3:2 son clave with my left foot on the hi-hat and Lam-Block.
  4. Be sure to add changes in dynamics and experiment with orchestration around the kit!

Here’s a chart showing the first six measures as an example:

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Note that three measures of 4/4 = four measures of 3/4, so there are two “resolution points” in the example.

Good luck!

sf_downloadpdf Download the PDF Chart


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