SFX Field Series

Field Series Marimba Mallets | Field Series Vibe Mallets

SilverFox Field Series Keyboard Mallets were designed for marching from the ground up. Field Series Keyboard Mallets utilize the most state-of-the-art wrapping and crowning system available. And now that they are 20% heavier, the projection is unbelievable.

An innovative “one-ply” micro-filament wrap allows for 500-700 wraps (as opposed to 100-200 wraps with traditional yarn and cord). A much tighter and more unified wrap results in maximum durability, even under the most extreme weather conditions. The micro-filament wrap further allows for more control of density and hardness. A weighted core provides superb balance and feel.

A permanent, mechanical epoxy crown provides the ultimate protection against unwrapping as the mallets can be crowned 360° around, as opposed to traditional

stitch crowning which only touches the mallet in 5 or 6 places. SilverFox Field Series mallets are the finest sounding, longest lasting keyboard mallets ever made!


SFX Stage Series

Stage Series Keyboard Mallets | Stage Series Timpani Mallets

Stage Series Keyboard Mallets are American made and feature extra long (15.75″) birch shafts, exclusive positive grip handles, and precision machine wrapping (wound models only). All models (xylophone, vibraphone, and marimba) produce a full sonority with minimal contact sound.

Stage Series Timpani Mallets feature a maple shaft and our exclusive synthetic Dura-Felt™. The contoured grip area is designed to aid in proper grip placement, while Dura-Felt™ is designed to withstand the rigor and abuse of the school musical environment. Ergonomic weighting provides for ultra-clear articulations.