Some More New Artists…

Here we are again adding more talent to our roster!

Check out DeCarlos Davis, an independent drummer, and a drumming force to be reckoned with. DeCarlos helps run the “Drummers United” program which offers positive reinforcement to today’s youth through music. DeCarlos also performs “The Next Level” band and is starting to book master classes and clinics around the southeast USA.

Here’s a quick
sampling of what DeCarlos can do!!

Up next (and at the opposite end of the musical spectrum from DeCarlos) is Derek Brito, who is currently touring with metal makers Aura and Vanity. Derek was introduced to us through the Inner Light Agency and Damon Moreno.

Derek smashes drums and cymbal with the only stick he trusts, the SilverFox 5B!!


  1. I’m so honored to be apart of this family! I will work hard to support Silverfox in every way possible!