The New Year Shall Bring Great News!

Hard-hitting drummer and SilverFox endorser Jeff McCormack is quite excited about the new year coming up. His current band, Fifth Angel, is about to unleash a new website, some band news, some new press, and much more on January 1, 2011! Be sure to keep checking the Fifth Angel website for details.

This band is only one of Jeff’s many endeavors through the years. He has been
featured on more than 60 albums released worldwide, toured the world several times over, was inducted into the Christian Drummer Hall of Fame in 2009 (look for another SilverFox endorser Charles Shelton Jr. too!), and he also teaches a very successful youth ensemble called “Metal Shop” in Washington State.

Jeff likes to rock the SilverFox 5A-N.

Check out Jeff performing with his band Fifth Angel.

Award-Winning Gospel Drummer Chooses SilverFox!

Charles Shelton Jr. has to be one of the youngest veterans of the Gospel Music Industry. In 2010 alone, Charles Jr. (25 years old) was nominated for 12 Gospel music awards, including a Telly for his television show, “The Charles Shelton Jr. Show” on “The Word Network”! The tv show alone has millions of viewers from around the world.

Apart from his tv stardom, Charles Jr. is quite the accomplished drummer! Over the last 4 or 5 years, Charles Jr. has WON over 25 Gospel Music Awards from CGMA, MCGS, GCGMA, NAGMAI, NACMAI, and NAGMAI including “Instrumentalist of the Year” for 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010! Charles Jr. has also performed
with the top Gospel Artists in the country including Dr. Bobby Jones, Tye Tribbett, Zak Williams, and many, many more (the list is literally more than 50 names!).

Charles Jr. currently plays the Silverfox Custom Maple SF-545 and the Custom Hickory SF-TL models. “I love the grip, balance, endurance, and longevity of the sticks….they can really take a beating!” He continues, “I don’t plan on going anywhere. Silverfox is family!”

You can find more information about Charles Jr., his recordings, and his educational videos on his web page Here is a clip from Charles Jr.’s second video. His father, Charles Shelton Sr. (playing keyboards) is also a world-renowned musician.