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New Grover Pro Custom Shop Offering Special Deals!

As you may have read a week or two ago, Grover Pro Percussion has unveiled it’s new Grover Custom Drum Shop with an easy-to-use Drum Builder and some great options to put on your new snare drum!

For the rest of February, we are offering an extra $25 off of each custom drum ordered! By using the code

“25OFF” during checkout, you will receive the extra discount.

We offer FREE SHIPPING on every drum anyways (in the continental US) and adding this extra $25 discount will absolutely give you the best deal around!

Please check out our new website, www.grovercustom.com, and take advantage of the extra deals! Only two weeks left…

A New Artist You All Can Learn From!

Hey everybody,

Sorry it’s been a couple weeks since the last update but there have been some great things in the works!

Dan Shinder, founder of DansDrumClinics.com and the Facebook page Dan Shinder’s Drum Clinics, has decided that of all the sticks out there, he will exclusively be using our SilverFox Drumsticks (Boston Basher specifically)! Dan has been playing well over 40 years and has toured solo and with several bands, recorded countless times, produced, arranged, and taught (private and clinic-style). Dan is also an admin on the very popular Facebook page “Drums, Drummers, and Drumming“. Dan is a great drummer and clinician, he has a very approachable method of teaching and makes drumming seem easy. Between his sites, he may receive between 200 and 400 THOUSAND hits per month.

To read more about Dan, check out his bio on DansDrumClinics.com

Find Dan Shinder’s Drum Clinics on Facebook, on Youtube, and visit his main website DansDrumClinics.com!

Please give Dan a visit online and let him know we sent you!

And here’s a look at WHY Dan likes our sticks soooo much!

Videos, Videos, And More Videos!

Markus Kullmann is doing a European tour throughout December. Head to his site to check out the dates!

Demetrice Everrett is in American Idol Finalist Anoop Desai’s new music video “Want Your Lover”. Check it out HERE! Demetrice uses our SF-LR model drumsticks.

David “Young Professor” Cowan and his band One Tribe Nation have a new music video for their song “It’s Time”. Click through to watch it! David uses our SF-5A and SF-BRSW model drumsticks.

– Endorser Steve McElheny recorded the song “Lark On My Gio Kart” by Hip-Hop artist Gio and produced the video for it. Check out the video for the song HERE! Steve uses our SF-FB “Fat Boy” drumsticks.

Chase Whitney recently finished the video for his cover of Blink-182’s “Reckless Abandon”. He uses our SF-LR Drumsticks. Nice job Chase!

– Independence master Libor Hadrava’s latest lesson has been posted! This one’s another brain bender! Libor uses our SF-JRX Drumsticks.

– Check out this epic three part video from endorser Jacob Vera’s recent clinic in Los Angeles – PART 1 / PART 2 / and PART 3 below…

Welcome To Our New Website!

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our new and improved website! Please take a look around, check out the products, the artists, “How It’s Made”, and all the other great stuff!

While we welcome you to the website, I’d like to welcome a couple new artists as well!

Matt Sebby – Independent Artist with a very

full-time schedule performing and touring with Chris Medina & The Able Body, Band Called Catch, No Direction, and Joey Midnight & The Fleshtones.

Amy Blaze – Independent Artist from Connecticut. She currently plays with several different groups. Check out her website for more info and some great videos from TV performances!

NAMM’s Over…Now It’s Back To Work!

After a pretty successful adventure to the 2011 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN, the SilverFox gang is back in Boston and ready to push forward! While there we met a lot of independent dealers from all around the country and some very, very busy artists. Everyone LOVED the sticks we were showing off! We’ve already received several calls from interested artists looking to endorse

SilverFox and dealers looking to sell our premium-quality drumsticks and mallets! Expect to see our products in a lot more stores and on a lot more tours.

While you’re here, check out these pictures from the show! You will also find a lot of new videos on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL . Overall we had a great time and things are looking good for the ‘Fox!