Videos, Videos, And More Videos!

Markus Kullmann is doing a European tour throughout December. Head to his site to check out the dates!

Demetrice Everrett is in American Idol Finalist Anoop Desai’s new music video “Want Your Lover”. Check it out HERE! Demetrice uses our SF-LR model drumsticks.

David “Young Professor” Cowan and his band One Tribe Nation have a new music video for their song “It’s Time”. Click through to watch it! David uses our SF-5A and SF-BRSW model drumsticks.

– Endorser Steve McElheny recorded the song “Lark On My Gio Kart” by Hip-Hop artist Gio and produced the video for it. Check out the video for the song HERE! Steve uses our SF-FB “Fat Boy” drumsticks.

Chase Whitney recently finished the video for his cover of Blink-182’s “Reckless Abandon”. He uses our SF-LR Drumsticks. Nice job Chase!

– Independence master Libor Hadrava’s latest lesson has been posted! This one’s another brain bender! Libor uses our SF-JRX Drumsticks.

– Check out this epic three part video from endorser Jacob Vera’s recent clinic in Los Angeles – PART 1 / PART 2 / and PART 3 below…

11/11/11 Update!

– This month we welcome Raul Castro to the SilverFox family – Raul Agustin Castro Vargas is a native of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Check out a killer drum and percussion duet that Raul recently performed below. Raul uses our 5A model drumsticks.

We Came As Romans have posted their latest World War III Tour Diary HERE. Eric uses our 5B model drumsticks.

– Head over to Pete Abdou’s YouTube channel to see his daily tour update videos! Pete uses our 1A model drumsticks.

DeHaven Carrington and his band Olio have made it to the semi-finals of the Gimme The Gig 2 Contest! Help them move on to the finals by voting HERE. DeHaven currently uses our JX model drumsticks.

Mike Fuchs and the Fear Nuttin Band have been making waves with their latest video for “Rebel”. These guys are road warriors, so check out their tour dates and be sure to get to a show! Mike uses our 5A-N model drumsticks.

Kris Gustofson has almost finished the drum tracks for a new record with Guitarist/Songwriter Jeff Jones. Kris also just signed a new recording agreement with Shrapnel Records to re-release Scratch and Scream along with 2 bonus tracks. Be sure to keep an eye out for that! Kris uses our 1A-N, JX-L, and BB model drumsticks.

– Want to melt your brain with some serious independence around the kit? Check out Czech endorser Libor Hadrava’s latest video HERE. (note: He is playing a whistle over top of the drums!) Libor uses our JRX model drumsticks.

– Our SilverFox Facebook friend page has recently reached it’s capacity of 5000 friends! Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach this milestone. We are in the process of migrating over to our NEW SilverFox Facebook fan page so if you haven’t “liked” it already, DO SO NOW!

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