Welcoming Some New Artists!!!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to take a quick minute and introduce some new artists to our lineup!

Check out TC Tolliver, who is on tour now with funk-masters TM Stevens and Shocka Zoo-Loo, Super group Chocolate Fudge and Rainbows, and the “Always Crazy” Plasmatics!

From Down Under, Steven-Jon Davis, drumsmith for the metal makers Left For Wolves!

Welcome Bill Fore who performs with Mutiny Within, Angel Vivaldi, Vext, and Blinded in Bliss!

And last but definitely not least, Frankie Harchut of Dirge Within!!

Show these guys some love huh??!!

Ready To Get Schooled, Kids?

SilverFox Endorser Marcus Hunter will be performing a clinic next Saturday, November 20 at Sun Radius Music Int’l in Traverse City, MI. This is not a clinic to be missed! Marcus was named the Best Soloist at The Western Michigan Jazz Festival when he was in high school. That was the first time a percussionist ever received this award! He’s

also toured with several drum corps over the years, Pop/Hip-Hop sensation Sean Kingston, Soul/Funk group Amp Fiddler, and many others. He was also the house drummer for the Canadian Smooth Jazz Award Show which took place this past summer. You can find videos of his performances on his YouTube channel.

Marcus plays the SF-TL model