Welcoming Some New Artists!!!

Good morning everyone! I just wanted to take a quick minute and introduce some new artists to our lineup!

Check out TC Tolliver, who is on tour now with funk-masters TM Stevens and Shocka Zoo-Loo, Super group Chocolate Fudge and Rainbows, and the “Always Crazy” Plasmatics!

From Down Under, Steven-Jon Davis, drumsmith for the metal makers Left For Wolves!

Welcome Bill Fore who performs with Mutiny Within, Angel Vivaldi, Vext, and Blinded in Bliss!

And last but definitely not least, Frankie Harchut of Dirge Within!!

Show these guys some love huh??!!

New Shai Hulud Album Now Available!!!

Good news everyone, Shai Hulud‘s new album, “Reach Beyond The Sun” is now available for purchase! Head over to http://www.metalblade.com/shaihulud/ to make your purchase!

Longtime SilverFox endorser Matt Covey holds down the throne on this 11-song metal/hardcore/punk masterpiece. Featured on the album is one of Shai Hulud’s first singers, and current guitarist for New Found Glory, Chad Gilbert, who also

produced the album. After hearing some tracks off this new LP, I have decided that is one of the best representations of Shai Hulud’s total sound and feel.

Check out this interview with Chad Gilbert and Matt Fox of Shai Hulud:

You can find more videos and fun stuff regarding this new album on Shai Hulud’s Youtube Channel!!!

So much good news to share!!!

What a Monday!!! I got some great updates from two of our top endorsers!

First, the one and only Marcus Hunter who has played with Sean Kingston, Dwele, David Sanborn, Lin Roundtree, Amp Fiddler, and many many more, told me today he just got the call to hit the road with THE FOUR TOPS!!! From early October through May next year, Marcus will be performing around the country with these classic Motown heroes! Congrats Marcus, that’s how it’s done! Marcus plays the Silverfox CM model.

Now on the other side of the musical spectrum, SilverFox Artist Bob Falzano (Shatter Messiah, Annihilator, Sinners and Saints) got the call that he will be touring/playing/recording

with the one and only BLOOD FOR BLOOD!!! If you know hardcore, you know these guys have been doing it a long time and have influenced countless bands and musicians! Bob will also be performing with several of the side projects coming out of BFB and also Tenebrae featuring members of The Unseen! Bob employs the Silverfox 1A and 1A-Nylon models to ensure total badassery.

Annihilator - Live Oberhausen 13

And there is always more but I’ll save some for later in the week. In the meantime enjoy this little bit of awesomeness:
(Marcus Hunter performing with David Sanborn at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Show):

The New Year Shall Bring Great News!

Hard-hitting drummer and SilverFox endorser Jeff McCormack is quite excited about the new year coming up. His current band, Fifth Angel, is about to unleash a new website, some band news, some new press, and much more on January 1, 2011! Be sure to keep checking the Fifth Angel website for details.

This band is only one of Jeff’s many endeavors through the years. He has been

featured on more than 60 albums released worldwide, toured the world several times over, was inducted into the Christian Drummer Hall of Fame in 2009 (look for another SilverFox endorser Charles Shelton Jr. too!), and he also teaches a very successful youth ensemble called “Metal Shop” in Washington State.

Jeff likes to rock the SilverFox 5A-N.

Check out Jeff performing with his band Fifth Angel.

Happy Holidays From The Team At SilverFox!

The SilverFox team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! We look forward to growing even more in 2011 and to also continue helping people like you create the best music possible by providing the highest quality products. Thank you all for your support as we continue to spread the gospel of SilverFox all around the world!

And here’s a note I just received from SilverFox Endorser Chris Julian, drummer for Greeley Estates (this is the best holiday gift an AR rep could ask for!!!):

“Hey Dave!
Hope all is well! I just

wanted to touch base and let you know that the sticks have been working out ridiculously well. Never in my life have 12 pairs lasted me two full tours. Just finished up our headliner tour and now we’re heading home to write and record a new album. I just want you to know I truly appreciate your support and I wish you and yours an amazing holiday season!!!

-Chris/Greeley Estates”

Thank you Chris! And here’s a little holiday treat from me to the world!

Big break!

Help me welcome a new member of the SilverFox family, Chris Julian, who is currently touring with Greeley Estates! Greeley Estates has hit the road in support of their new album ” No Rain, No Rainbows”. Chris has recently joined Greeley Estates after being suggested by the engineer of their first album Cory Spotts (who engineered/ produced Greeley Estates, Job For A Cowboy, Bless The Fall).

Chris has played with several local (Arizona) bands over the years and was quite

thrilled to get the call to play with these metal giants! It’s a good thing you’re using good sticks Chris, because this band is HEAVY!!!

Chris is using the SilverFox 2B model and says, “If there were a law limiting the amount of awesomeness one could intake, Silverfox sticks would be way over the legal limit.” Wow. Thanks Chris!!!

You can find Greeley Estates several ways:

See the video from their song “Blue Morning”: