New SilverFox Artists!

In the wake of Summer NAMM, we welcome aboard a handful of killer new artists. They are all making some serious waves throughout the industry so check them out and see what it takes to be an official SilverFox endorser!

Andre Bublitz (Brazil) – Independent

Isaiah Perez – Righteous Vendetta

Lee Humerian – Phinehas

Manny Cole – Independent

Mitch Tierney – Screaming Mechanical Brain

“OJ” Jackson – The Springs

Rick Alegria – Independent

Shane Hoskins – Independent

In other news, endorser Daru Jones and his band The Ruff Pack will be performing at NYC’s Blue Note on Saturday, September 10th. If you’re in the area DO NOT MISS THIS! Peep the trailer for Daru Jones’ Ruff Pack Live DVD coming out in September…

NAMM’s Over…Now It’s Back To Work!

After a pretty successful adventure to the 2011 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN, the SilverFox gang is back in Boston and ready to push forward! While there we met a lot of independent dealers from all around the country and some very, very busy artists. Everyone LOVED the sticks we were showing off! We’ve already received several calls from interested artists looking to endorse
SilverFox and dealers looking to sell our premium-quality drumsticks and mallets! Expect to see our products in a lot more stores and on a lot more tours.

While you’re here, check out these pictures from the show! You will also find a lot of new videos on our YOUTUBE CHANNEL . Overall we had a great time and things are looking good for the ‘Fox!

Greetings from Summer NAMM 2011