Must See Video Of The Week!

We’d like to announce our new “Must See Video Of The Week” segment where we will be posting different kinds of video material every week! You’ll see some educational and instructional videos, great live videos, endorser testimonials, or videos
that we think are just plain awesome.

We’ll start this new portion of our blog with an impressive video from SilverFox Endorser Pavel Valdman. Pavel plays our SF-CM model. Take notes…

SF Endorser Pavel Valdman Lives The Dream (Theater)!

Hailing from the Czech Republic, SF Endorser Pavel Valdman has recently been asked to perform with Daniel Jakubovic in support for the one and only Dream Theater! They will be opening for DT in Tel Aviv, Israel on Tuesday, July 19th!

Pavel is extremely excited because not only is he sharing the stage with one of his favorite bands, but he also gets to perform alongside one of his Berklee professors, the one and only Mike Mangini!

Congrats Pavel! This is quite the honor!

Pavel rocks the SilverFox CM model~

New European Artist Will Perform A Winter Clinic Tour!

We are very pleased to welcome Pavel Valdman, an independent drummer from the Czech
Republic to our growing family of artists. Amid his busy schedule he will be performing a series of clinics throughout the Czech Republic this winter. You can purchase SilverFox sticks in the Czech Republic from K-Audio and other quality-oriented retailers. Check out Pavel’s SilverFox promo video below.

Pavel Valdman rocks the SilverFox CM model.