So much good news to share!!!

What a Monday!!! I got some great updates from two of our top endorsers!

First, the one and only Marcus Hunter who has played with Sean Kingston, Dwele, David Sanborn, Lin Roundtree, Amp Fiddler, and many many more, told me today he just got the call to hit the road with THE FOUR TOPS!!! From early October through May next year, Marcus will be performing around the country with these classic Motown heroes! Congrats Marcus, that’s how it’s done! Marcus plays the Silverfox CM model.

Now on the other side of the musical spectrum, SilverFox Artist Bob Falzano (Shatter Messiah, Annihilator, Sinners and Saints) got the call that he will be touring/playing/recording
with the one and only BLOOD FOR BLOOD!!! If you know hardcore, you know these guys have been doing it a long time and have influenced countless bands and musicians! Bob will also be performing with several of the side projects coming out of BFB and also Tenebrae featuring members of The Unseen! Bob employs the Silverfox 1A and 1A-Nylon models to ensure total badassery.

Annihilator - Live Oberhausen 13

And there is always more but I’ll save some for later in the week. In the meantime enjoy this little bit of awesomeness:
(Marcus Hunter performing with David Sanborn at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Show):

Is that Meat in the Pocket?!

By “Meat” of course I mean the one and only Demetrice “Meat” Everett.

Demetrice “Meat” Everett has been endorsing SilverFox for a few years now. Demetrice is an all-around type of player. He’s fully comfortable sitting in on Jazz sessions, Funk, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop, etc. “Meat” is currently holding the throne for American Idol finalist Anoop Desai. Their US tour begins in October and should become a world tour before too long! He has performed/recorded with jazz pianist Marcus Johnson, saxophonist Bernard Johnson, Marcus Anderson, gospel recording artists Marcus Cole, Lee Williams, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Lashaun Pace, Deitrick Haddon, Timothy Wright, Norman Hutchinson, Shirley Ceaser, Beverley Crawford, Doreen Vail, and countless others!

Check out Demetrice’s skills on his different websites:

Here’s a quick clip of Meat messing around at the 2009 NAMM SHOW!

Demetrice uses the SilverFox LR model!