Some Metal News For Ya…

So we just found out that SilverFox endorser Juan “Kanky” Lora, drummer for the band Straight Line Stitch, will be heading out on a tour with KillSwitch Engage starting on January 20th. They are doing a full U.S. tour (stopping in Boston February 27th…sweet!) and have a lot more tours and festivals on the horizon
(official news coming soon!). Kanky is also well-known for producing and engineering bands as well. Visit his website and see the nearly endless list of artists with whom he’s worked and/or played.

Visit Straight Line Stitch online:

Mr. Lora enjoys hitting drums with his trusty SilverFox 5As.

Happy Holidays From The Team At SilverFox!

The SilverFox team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! We look forward to growing even more in 2011 and to also continue helping people like you create the best music possible by providing the highest quality products. Thank you all for your support as we continue to spread the gospel of SilverFox all around the world!

And here’s a note I just received from SilverFox Endorser Chris Julian, drummer for Greeley Estates (this is the best holiday gift an AR rep could ask for!!!):

“Hey Dave!
Hope all is well! I just
wanted to touch base and let you know that the sticks have been working out ridiculously well. Never in my life have 12 pairs lasted me two full tours. Just finished up our headliner tour and now we’re heading home to write and record a new album. I just want you to know I truly appreciate your support and I wish you and yours an amazing holiday season!!!

-Chris/Greeley Estates”

Thank you Chris! And here’s a little holiday treat from me to the world!