SF Artist Releases A New Book Today!

Today, Monday June 13, 2011, marks a special day for one our SilverFox endorsers. His name is Stephen Taylor (you may know him as @DrummerEtc on YouTube and other social networks) and today is the official release of his self-published book, Functioning In Time. This book was written to offer newer drummers and already working drummers some new, creative sticking patterns to further enhance their playing. The book will focus on Funk drumming, Drum n’ Bass drumming, linear drumming and fills, beat displacement, some hand and foot rudimental exercises, and much more!

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taking Stephen’s lessons through his YouTube channel!***

Stephen put together a friendly little contest to name a couple of the rudiments he uses. He is offering a FREE PAIR OF SILVERFOX STICKS as well as a a free copy of “FUNCTIONING IN TIME” to the person who best names these “hybrid rudiments”. To enter the contest, please click on the screenshot below and then comment on the video with your choice of names for his new rudiments!

Stephen is currently playing the SilverFox 5A’s. But he also keeps 1A’s, MR’s, and RockSteady’s on hand just in case!

Why SilverFox?…Read On.

We recently asked our artists to send us video endorsements about why they like and use SilverFox Drumsticks. We now have Mark Castillo (Bury Your Dead) and Jay Waterman (Thy Will Be Done) video endorsements on our YouTube Channel!!! These guys are very hard hitters and only trust SilverFox sticks to get them through their

crazy tour schedules.

Mark plays the SilverFox Thrasher and Jay plays our Boston Basher model.

In other news, we are now working with two other heavy hitters, Will Carroll of Death Angel and Mark Geary of Dangerous Toys. Check out this Sickdrummer.com video of Will playing one of Death Angel’s newest tracks, River of Rapture.